construction of an operation theater for life saving surgery in the Kanungu District in south western rural Uganda



- Dr. med H. Listle working together with volunteers of the Kanungu District and volunteers of a german protestant church to develop the existing Katate Health Center by building an operation theater for basic, life-saving surgical procedures.

- CHIFCOD is a NGO "seeking to empower doers to transform communities through provision of quality and affordable education, improved health and poverty eradication."

Bischof Hamlet Kabushenga is a pastor of the Free Methodist Church (FMC), former member of the ugandan parliament and caring both for the spiritual and economical needs of his people

- the protestant church of Eppingen has been working together with Bischof Hamlet Kabushenga for over 10 years building a primary school in the Kanungu District/South West of Uganda. The partnership is flourishing and good friendship has developed over the years. Members of the church in Eppingen are visiting the project regularly and it continues to grow in a healthy way. Visit their website  (website in german).



We visited katate health center in March 2014 during our trip to another mission hospital in south-western Uganda. We investigated the existing infrastructure of the katate health center and examined the potential of the existing facilities.

Together with an african architect we designed a simple, purpose orientated, full functional operating theater with one main operating room and two wound dressing rooms suitable for minor operations.

We will supervise the construction of the operation theater personally throughout the construction phase.

The project is a non-profit initiative and based on fund-raising. The money and cash-flow between Germany and Uganda will be officially supervised and managed by the german protestant church of Eppingen (see banc connection below).




    our project is supported by "Bread for the World" -

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