make a difference for our katate health center with  just  50 EURo/USD  per  month  you support the  hospital,  our  staff  and  our  patients

The Katate Health Center Project is giving hope to people who had no hope. The Katate Health Center has evolved tremendously throughout the last three years thanks to our initiative: we have restored all patient buildings, built and equipped the operation theater. We have hired two doctors, additional nurses and midwives and the team for the operation theater. The salaries are 100% based on your donations. The avarage salary for midwives and nurses are 150,- Euros per month. With a monthly donation of 50,- Euros/USD per month many helping hands can make a huge difference for the people of Kanungu. Often I remember a jewish proverb which came to my mind again and again during the last years in this project: 


"Those who save one live - save the whole world!"


Help us to make a difference! For donations please use the bank connection below. Thanks to the efforts of our protestant church of Eppingen we have NO administrative costs! We are underneath government finance control to assure every single euro is used appropriatly. Don´t forget to mention your address so we can send you a donation receipt. With the words of our local language we say "webale mnonga" - thank you very much!


                                                                                                                               your Katate Health Center Team