july 2020 - fruits of our work

The fruits of our efforts - the young couple is grateful for the delivery of their newborn baby by cesarean section. Before our project people had to travel long hours and pay too much money for these basic live-saving services.  Many of them couldn´t afford to travel and couldn´t afford the costs for medical services. Little stories like the young couple come to us every week, every month and that´s why we are doing this project. 

One important corner stone of our project is the carefully provided teaching for nurses and students on a routine basis as we can see our Dr. Denis and the crowd of masked students. Teachings about major important topics on internal medicine, hygiene, gynocology, obstetrics and general medicine are brought to our staff several times every month.

june 2020 - our new cantine

Unbelievable but true - the old cantine looked like this (1st picture). The owner was living inside with her husband and two children. She was washing cloths, food and children all in one bucket. The slum-like old cantine was getting more and more a harassment for our staff and a hygienic issue. And it became a symbol for the dark past of our health center which otherwise has been blossoming so well during the last year due to all our united efforts.

So we finally could demolish the old cantine and build a new one. We found a new cantine operator how brought staff and equipment, a refrigerator for cold drinks and finally our staff can enjoy their well deserved meal in a decent place in hygenic conditions. Good work deserves good food. The number of apprentices  rose from 9 during April/May up to 23 (!) in June/July. The old cantine operator lives in the village now.

may 2020 - progress + trust + future

Despite the corona crisis our Katate Hospital Project in making good progress. Even with the (softened) lock-down we can continue with our construction work and organize many meetings with officials within the micro political system of Kanungu District to ensure a fruitful cooperation of our public private partnership. Trust and cooperation between the partners is most important these days. All efforts shall lead to one goal - to give future and hope to the people of Kanungu they can trust that their needs are seen and that they are met.

And are efforts bear fruit - just read the small update on our twins Kato and Katuro down below ..!

april - June 2020 - life will always find a way

In the midst of the chaos, the anxiety and the insecurity among many of us because of the Corona pandemic especially in Uganda some good news have to be announced. We have our first premature babies born in the Katate Health Center: twins in 33. week of pregnancy. With our new ultrasound machine the need for an emergency C-section could be detected in the young woman and our Dr. Denis performed the operation delivering the two baby boys healthy and the mother is well, too. Birth weight 1.6 kg! Now two weeks after the operation the two boys - Katuru and Kato - are breast feeding and well of. Even though there is no intensive care back up their chances to make it are good. Live will always find a way. We hope and pray and will do our best to serve the people in Kanungu district especially during these challenging times. We could discharge Katuru and Kato with their parents on 14th April 2020 in good condition after they have gained some good weight. To all of us in these difficult times - never give up hope - because life will always find a way.

Two months later (right side) in June the young couple showed up again with their twins at our little hospital for a follow up - the two boys have developed really well in the meantime and made up for the difficult start they had in the beginning. They are healthy and doing really well. It is these good storys of people we can help which makes it all worth fighting for ...!

new ultrasound machine - march 2020

While the new corona virus COVID-19 is spreading all over the world and bad news with it all around we in Katate have some good news to share. So let´s do that: we proudly announce our new ultrasound machine which will increase quality of service for our patients a lot! One of our nurses served as role model - both baby and ultrasound machine are in very good condition ;) !

Since the opening of our operation theater last month we had more than 80 deliveries and 20 c-sections along with some minor surgical procedures. Our team is doing great and the population of Kanungu is drawn towards this place of new hope for (often poor) patients. 


Saving two lifes at one time - Our first C-Section  february 2020

Actually we did two just in the first days of February. But let me tell you from the beginning ... Among other minor procedures in our operation theater we had at the beginning of February one night with 4 deliveries in our hospital - one of them to be our first C-section on 05.02. in the morning! All mothers and babies are well. It is such a great joy to see the excellent motivation and enthusiasm of our team in Katate these days! The mood at our end of year staff party a few days before was full of excitement about what is happening right now in Katate and everybody wants to be part of it: from the new security guard who is bringing great change in terms of security, our new doctors doing ward rounds every day and our highly motivated team in the operation theater. And we have been officially accredited as a blood bank unit.  Now we have to implement high quality every day routine in all our services and procedures at Katate. And we shall progress steadily "empora empora" as the people of Kanungu say - slowly by slowly. We are excited to see more to come. Mukama assimwe - Praise the Lord for all the good progress we could make recently! I was just writing these words when the next emergency c-section has arrived. Our team is doing such great work. Now the name our first baby is "Kasiime Grace", 3200g healthy, happily breast feeding. "Kasiime" means "let´s be thankful". The full name of our first baby therefor is "let´s be thankful for the Grace of God". 

     Dr. Denis on ward round with clinical officer Alex and nurse Shallot                 our new operation theater team with Dr. Mercy and visitors from the UK


Many thanks to all donors and partners! We will keep you up to date about the progress of our project!

the Katate Health Center-Team





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                                 - thanks a lot!