an international team

 on the German side:

- two german doctors with experiences in surgery, anesthesiology and pediatrics have visited the Katate Health Center in March 2014 and examined the existing infrastructure. Before his visit to Uganda Dr Listle has already visited and worked in mission hospitals in Cameroon (Full Gospel mission), Nepal (UMN hospital Tansen), Peru (Diospy Suyana) and the Bwindi Hospital. Colleagues from the department of surgery Memmingen are supporting the Katate Health Center project.

- the church of Eppingen: they have a partnership with the NGO CHIFCOD for more than ten years and have already  built a primary school in Kanungu Disctrict. The partnership is flourishing and members of the protastant church of Eppingen visit the project regularly (see their website:

on the African side:

- CHIFCOD is a NGO "seeking to empower doers to transform communities through provision of quality and affordable education, improved health and poverty eradication."(

Bishop Hamlet Kabushenga: a former member of parliament had the vision of upgrading the Katate Health Center and was responsible for the planing, coordination and all issues of management to build the operation theater. He has realized many projects so far working tireless to develop his country for the benefit of his people. He has visited the church in Eppingen during wintertime in Germany (very cold!)


- our project team with our project manager Martin Atukwase, the in-charge of the health facility Mr. Julius Baluku Brown, the leader of our operation theater Mr. Honesmas and our architect Moses Kukundagwe are all doing a great job together with nurses, midwifes, lab assistances, medical officers who all work together to make this project very precious and very special!


- Mr. Honest Wilkins as the new director of CHIFCOD is following Bishop Hamlet Kabushenga in the position of leading our Ugandan partner NGO into the future. Honest has always proven that he carries his name truthfully and with him our project will grow even stronger than in the past. We welcome Mr. Honest Wilkins as the new director of CHIFCOD and are looking forward for future cooperation.

our doctors and our students

Dr. Denis Musasizi and Dr. Mercy Nuwamanya Karenzi are the responsible doctors in our Katate Health Center at the moment. We are very proud of them and grateful - their presence changes everything. And they teach the staff and our students ...!

Since we opened up our operation theater this little institution has gained lots of attraction throughout the region and beyond. Not only from patients coming to our Katate Health Center IV but among med-students, nursing and midwife students, too. Some are from the region or neighbour districts as Ayleen, some even come from far as Moses, our med student from Kampala to do their practical sessions in our facility. And we didn´t even had to do a lot of advertisement. They are just coming. This development makes us proud and grateful as the establishment of a teaching hospital was our very goal. Now it is taking shape in front of our eyes. "Mukama asiimwe" - "Praise the Lord" as we say in the local Rukinga language.