where we started 2016

The Katate Health Center is located in the capital of the Kanungu District. At the moment there are three wards for male, female patients and for gynecology - mostly pregnant women. Until end of 2019 there was no doctor (see "the latest news") and still there was no possibility to perform cesarean sections. Women in difficult labor suffer from great pain and a high mortality rate. Any kind of surgery has not been possible over the last decades. This has been the most urgent need of the community in Kanungu: an operation theater with the possibility to perform basic live saving operations such as cesarean sections and urgent procedures for stuck hernias or acute appendicitis. Until recently there was no possibility to treat any of these conditions. People had to travel on to the next district - mostly on bad roads as we are talking about rural Uganda in the deep north west on the border to DRC and Ruanda. And many of them are too poor to afford the costs.


using existing infrastructure

The Katate Health Center recently has been equipped with a full functional laboratory by an American HIV and AIDS organization. This laboratory is small but well equipped, full functional and able to do all tests needed for blood, serum, urine samples, HIV and malaria-testing and other infectious diseases. With this laboratory one of the major requirements for a full functioning hospital with a surgical department already exists.


our Vision

We have built an operation theater to perform basic live saving surgery with one major operating room and two sites for minor procedures such as wound dressing, abscess drainage and dentistry. Once the operation theater has been built the Katate Health Center is considered a proper hospital. This causes the government to support the hospital annually to cover a part of the running costs and especially to pay for a doctor to be there permanently. This is one way to have sustainability in this project - the legal "public private partnership" concept.


The realization of this project needs foreign investment as the Kanungu District as any other district in Uganda can´t afford the costs for building an operation theater out of their own resources. The Ugandan government claims to offer free health care for every one but in reality there is no functioning health care system in Uganda.


The costs for building and equipping the operation theater has been approx. 80,000 Euros. The construction work has started in November 2016 and has been finished in the dry season December 2018/January 2019. Especially the installation of an energy solar based power system (another 70,000 Euros) which was accomplished in November 2019 was another crucial step in our project. 

we love what we do

This is an initiative of ordinary people coming together in an international team of doctors, pastors, church members, an architect, NGO members and many many people like you and me helping together to make this project come true. We can´t change the world but together we can change a little piece of this world and make it a little bit better for some of us. Since we have started our operation theater in February 2020 - this project has proven to do what we started for - to save the life of many people. This is based on our believe:


That we shall no longer live for ourselves but for Jesus Christ who gave himself to deliver us from sin and by faith we became new people. New inside, new in thinking, new in the way we live and most of all - in the way we love. 

"For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him." Jon 3,16+17


The news in these days do speak for themselves. And what will we do?! We have to decide how we want to live in this world. Are we shocked by the news, are we paralyzed from what we see and do we turn away from it? Or do we decide to step in and make a difference?! Do we decide to stand up and change something? Just a little bit, a little place - just what we can do. This is our responsibility - to decide. It is our own choice we have to make.


Bad things are happening because we refuse to do the good things. Instead of complaining about the darkness it is better to light up a bright light.


We love what we do. How will you decide - what will you do?! You can give money to us, yes please donate - but even more, come and visit our project first and then decide what you want to do. Help us by donating or ... even better it would be - you start your own project ... with the vision in your own heart out of the best love you have. And perhaps one day we shall meet each other somewhere in this beautiful suffering world on our way and cheer each other on to do good things to our neighbours, fellow people and citizens of this world.

our most urgent needs ...

Since we started our first operation February 2020 we have a staff of 20 members of our Chaperone International team including two doctors, two anesthetic officers, sonographer, dental officer, 4 nurses, 4 midwives, 2 porters, 2 night guards, accountant, project manager - all their salaries are mostly funded by donatations.

 1.)  monthly salaries for our Chaperone International team (20 staff members)  - approx. 4.500 EUR/per month


It is thanks to their tireless efforts that we can serve 1000 - 1200 out patients per month, make 80 deliveries, 30 c-sections, 10 - 15 planned surgical procedures, have 120 patients in our hospital every month. Your donation no matter how much it is can change a lot in a little place far away from us ... You help us guarding and maintaining this little place of hope in a world where darkness is growing. But light is always stronger than darkness. Thank you very much!

                        the renovation of our out patient department building has been finished April 2021

the renovation of building No°3 has been finished Oktober 2020!

the roofed walk ways have been completed - even at the back of these buildings which can´t been seen on the picture



          we did our first medical camp with about 1000 patients coming to us for testing, services and operations

                               Many thanks to all our supporters - please check out our latest news!